Canada Permanent Residency Visa: How To Become a Canada Permanent Resident



Canada Permanent Residence.

For all those aspiring to obtain Canadian permanent resident, you must understand what a Canadian permanent resident is.

Canada permanent residence is an authorization issued to a person who is immigrating to Canada but not a citizen of Canada, to have a permanent stay in the country. When referring to permanent residents, they are citizens of other countries.

Foreign workers or students who are temporarily staying in Canada are not permanent residents.

As a refugee, intending to have a permanent stay in Canada, you can obtain your permanent resident via private sponsorship of a refugee program or government-assisted refugee program

As a refugee in Canada, you do not automatically become a permanent resident in the country. Before you are issued a permanent residence, the Immigration and refugee board will first check whether you are eligible for it not, before issuing you a permanent residence.

The Permanent Resident Card

Furthermore, a Canadian PR card is an identification to prove that a person has a legal right to a permanent stay in Canada. In addition to this, you are to ensure your PR card is always with you, anytime you want to travel, as this will surely be requested for at the airport.

Returning Canadian permanent residents who do not longer have a valid PR will have to register permanent resident travel documents before they will be allowed to enter back into Canada.

What Rights Are Permanent Residents Entitled To?

As a Canadian permanent resident, you have the right to the following:

  • You get equal benefits that Canadian citizens are entitled to, including health coverage.
  • You are entitled to work and live anywhere of your choice in Canada.
  • You have the right to apply for Canadian citizenship
  • For as long as you stay in Canada, you have full protection.
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In addition to this, bear in mind that you must pay tax, and respect all Canadian laws.

What Can’t I Do As A Permanent Resident?

You as well have limits to some certain actions in Canada as a permanent resident, such things include.

  • You do not have the right to run or vote for a political party.
  • You are not entitled to jobs that hold a high-security clearance.

Time Lived In Canada

To be eligible for permanent residence in Canada, you must have lived for a minimum of 730 days (2 years) in Canada, during the previous 5 years. However, these days don’t need to be continuous, if some situations warrant, for you to travel abroad during these 730 days, the days will continue to count, during your stay abroad.

To stay on track and be aware of your time in Canada, make use of this tool called Time Journal. There are numerous ways to keep track of your stay abroad which includes.

  • Dialoguing with a Canadian official at Canadian port entry.
  • Renew or apply for PR information will be passed across to you, whether you are eligible or not.

Losing Your Permanent Resident

If your PR card gets expired, this does not mean you’ve lost your permanent resident, you can only lose your permanent resident if:

  • After an inquiry or appeal, the adjudicator finds out you are no longer a permanent resident.
  • You voluntarily declare you are no longer a permanent resident of Canada.
  • You committed a serious crime
  • You become eligible for citizenship.

Bear in mind that, even at an instance where you do not meet the Canadian residency requirement, your permanent residence won’t be revoked, until officials make a decision and declare it so.

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Renouncing (Voluntarily Giving Up Permanent Resident Status)

Losing your permanent residence does not automatically happen.

A situation may warrant, where you may no longer need a Canadian permanent resident, at such time you can renounce your permanent resident

Such situations include:

  • Being outside of Canada for a long time, and you no longer meet up with Canadian permanent residence obligation
  • If a Canadian officer does not assess your visa, before entering Canada


  • You are in a hurry, and couldn’t wait for the processing delay at the Port of entry.

Furthermore, bear in mind that until your permanent resident is resolved, (either you renounce, or renew) you may not be permitted to enter Canada.

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