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Apply For Canada Visa Here

If you wish to stay in Canada, here is a perfect stepwise process you can use to apply for a Canada visa.

There are two major ways you can use to apply for Canadian visa.

  • Online
  • Via paper

Furthermore, when applying for a Canada visa, there will be a need for you to do biometric fingerprints. You can find out where biometric fingerprints will be needed in your application here

If you are making use of Venezuelan passport, you will need to complete an application here, before proceeding.

Why Should I Apply Canada Visa Online?

Here are few convincing reasons why you should apply for Canada Visa Online

  • Your application will be delivered instantly and there won’t be a need for a courier fee.
  • Online applications get processed faster.
  • Applying online will ensure all the fields are filled.
  • Once your application is incomplete, it will automatically be returned to you. This is to to ensure you submit a complete Application

However, if you are using either of the following passport from a visa exempt country

  • Other refugee travel documents for non-citizens
  • Alien’s passport got stateless person

You will be required to apply on paper

What Do I Do Next After Applying for a Visa

The following things are what’s next after applying for a visa.

First and foremost, you will need to give your biometric fingerprints.

However, bear in mind that you will have to pay a biometric fee and submit an application before you will be sent an instruction on how to submit your biometric fingerprints.

Should in case it skips your mind to pay for biometric fingerprints, you will be sent a reminder, bear in mind that you won’t be sent an instruction on your biometric fingerprints if you didn’t pay for the fee.

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Take your time to study how to give your biometric fingerprints and where to submit it

Your application will be checked and an incomplete application will be returned to you without processing it. You may be required to do the following things.

  • To send more information
  • Get a police certificate
  • Take a medical exam
  • Take an interview with Canada officials in your country.

In most cases the processing time takes a week or less, but this is solely dependent on your country.

All your original documents will be returned to you, after processing, and bear in mind that fake documents won’t be returned and this will automatically disqualify you.

If your Canada Visa application gets approved and you are given a visa, thanks goodness. You will find your Visa stamped inside your passport, however, if otherwise, you will be given an explanation of why your Visa is declined.

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