How To Get a Job in USA



Getting a Job in USA

Getting a job in the USA is more of an adventure to many. However, it requires vigorous research before one can get a job in the USA, starting from the point of preparing a good application.

To make job hunting easier, we’ve summarized all the helpful tips needed for you to get a job in America and how to go about it in this guide. For a more helpful and detailed guide, kindly refer to the United States of America website.

Work Permit In The USA

Considering the mass number of job opportunities in the US, how to get a job in America could sound quite easy. However, some processes are involved before one can be eligible for a job in the country. Part of those processes is getting a work permit.

The most common type of Visa which is suitable for foreign students who would like to work in the US is an F1 student visa.

Furthermore, the eligibility criteria for this F1 student visa, requires that you have obtained full-time admission into a college in the country, and you must be able to demonstrate that you are financially buoyant enough to complete your study in the state.

All visa applications must be done at your home American country embassy, Incase you would like to know more about the student visa, kindly check the American Embassy website.

Application Procedure for Getting Jobs in the USA

The Internet is the major source of available job opportunities in the US. Stay acquainted with search services like Craigslist and LinkedIn, as they are great tools in discovering available job opportunities in the US.

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In addition to this, steer clear of search services that will require you to pay little pay before you will be able to use services. Most reputable and recognized search services don’t charge a fee.

Read the conditions and requirements attached to any job listing you come about before applying. You can apply to as many jobs as possible, even if you do not meet up with some of their requirements. At worst, you will get an interview and could be given a lesser position.

Writing a Resume in the United States of America

The term CV is referred to as a resume in the US. The main purpose of your resume should be to convince the employer to have you for an interview.

See your resume as your marketing tool, it should contain all the details your employer is seeking for in a worker. Your work experience, educational qualification, present work, achievement, additional skills,  should be at the top list of your resume.

The Application Letter

You should be able to display professionalism when writing an application letter for a job in the US. Try as much as possible to avoid phrases like, “To whom it may concern, or “Dear sir” and “Dear madam” An application letter for a job in the US, should be short, well written and should be professional, you can hire someone to do this for you.

Your application letter should end with yours sincerely, and make sure to drop multiple ways by which the company can get in touch with you, Incase they need your presence.

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The Interview

This is the most important aspect when it comes to job hunting in the US. This is as well the deciding factor whether you will be eligible for the job or not.

In your interview, several questions will be asked to test your level of intelligence and competency. The best you can do to help yourself, in this position is to make research about the company, understand the goal and purpose of the company, this will make you have an idea of likely questions you can be asked, and prepare for it.

When you get to the interview, make yourself as calm as possible, make it confidential, discuss your achievements so far, what you’ve done in your past place of work, and your academic qualifications.

Be polite, do not criticize other workers in the company just to make yourself look good. At the end of your interview, “thanks for the opportunity” will go a long way.


How to get a job in the US, may look quite hard to many. But if you can follow all the necessary procedures we’ve laid down in this article. We can guarantee you success.

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