Requirements For Getting USA Visa



Requirements For Getting USA Visa

The most important part of getting a US visa is by getting the requirements for the visa. However, the first successful step starts from choosing the right visa type for your travel purpose, then you can now work on the requirements for that visa type.

There are some visa types needed to get a USA visa, regardless of the visa types you are applying for. Before you submit your visa application, be careful you have this document.

USA Visa Requirements

The required documents for the USA visa are below.

  • You will need to file for a form called DS-160 for a non-immigrant application.
  • A valid passport: Your Passport must at least be valid for a period of 6 months before you arrive in the USA. However there are some countries that are in exception to this if your country is part of those countries, then you won’t be needing a visa.
  • One photograph: A photograph is needed as part of your visa requirements. However, in the USA as their photograph Requirements, you should check the photo requirements before uploading your photo. Failure to upload a photo with the country’s requirements can get your application rejected.
  • $160 payment receipt for a non-immigrant application fee must be presented: Differently from other European countries, that allows an applicant to pay for their visa application fee, after the visa or on the application date, the reverse is the case with the USA, you will have to pay for your visa application fee before you can be scheduled for a visa interview. In addition to this, bear in mind that once you make the payment, it is non-refundable. Whether you cancel your application, or your visa gets rejected, you can’t have your fund back.
  • Social Media files: You will need to provide a list of all the social media handles that you use. Presented ones must have been active for five years back.
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Furthermore, any of your documents that are not written in the English language, must come with a certified translator.

Form DS-160

If a non-immigrant US visa is what you are applying for, you will need to fill form DS-160, via an electronic consular application center

However, aside from the main documents that have been listed above as USA Visa requirements, you will also need more documents to support and prove your answer, such documents include

Previous USA Visa

If this won’t be your first time traveling to the USA, you will need to provide your previous USA visa, this will as well make your visa process easy.

An Invitation Letter

An invitation letter is written by a US citizen or permanent resident that they are willing to admit you into their home. They must also be able to prove that they have enough room to accommodate you.

Travel itinerary

This is what will show your purpose in traveling to the US. You must be able to explain what you are coming to the US to do.

In addition to this, you must also state where you are going to stay in the US. Or you prove that you have enough capacity to stay in a Hotel, throughout your temporary stay in the country.

Sponsorship Documents

If you are being sponsored to come to the United state, there are some documents you must have.

  • Letter of affidavit: This is to prove that your sponsor has the financial capacity to finance you, throughout your stay in the country, or pending to you get a job.
  • Employment letter: This is to show that your sponsor is a worker, and gets paid.
  • Payslip: Your sponsor must be able to show 3-4 payslip
  • Bank letter: This is to show account details, which include present balance, the date the account was opened, money deposited, etc.
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Property Documents

If you have acquired some property in your home country, presenting your document will go a long way in helping you get approved for a visa, as this will prove you have stronger ties with your home country.

  • You are to present the original owner of these papers
  • A clear photograph of the property
  • Lastly, show the affidavit of the property.

Employment/Professional Documents

  • Present an employment letter from an employer in the USA: If you have already being offered a job in the USA, come with the employment letter, it must show, your salary amount, job position, educational qualification, etc
  • If retired, provide a pension book
  • If self-employed, provide the company registration certificate.

Family Documents

You will need to provide all the documents that entail your family, provided you are an adopted child, or you have an adopted child.

Letter From A Physician

You will have to schedule an appointment with a doctor for a medical exam. The Physician will be an affiliate of the US embassy.

Requirements For Specific Visa Type

Bear in mind that each visa has its special requirements.

Requirements for USA Study Visa

If you are going to the USA to study, you must present your letter of admission into an institution in the USA.

If your study visa application gets approved, you will be able to study in the USA, and after your studies, if you wish to continue your stay, you can apply for permanent residence.

Requirements For US Work Visa 

If you are applying for a work visa in the USA, you must be able to provide the following documents

  • Proof that your qualifications meet up with USA standard
  • You will have to prove your professional degree (Masters, Ph.D., etc)
  • An employment letter from an employer in the USA
  • Resume (This is what is used instead of cv in the US)
  • Your previous employer must provide a letter for you.
  • Display of abilities that you qualify for the job
  • You will have to pay additional fees, etc
  • However, if you will like to learn the specific requirements for each US visa, kindly refer here
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Fingerprints Collection

This is a must for everyone who wants to get a USA visa, depending on your schedule with your home embassy visa, you must provide your fingerprints.

However, the following Categories

of people are exempted from this list.

  • Children who are not up to 14 years of age
  • An elderly person that is over the age of 79
  • Applicants of Nato
  • People who have a hand disability, and won’t be able to provide fingerprints.

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