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Getting A Job In Canada.

It’s well known that getting a job in Canada is a difficult task, most especially if you are clueless about where to begin your application from.

What type of work permit is needed to get a job in Canada? Is a work permit needed at all, to get a job in Canada? To get a job in Canada, what are the best platforms? Do you wish to learn how to update your resume, to meet up with Canadian standards, so you can be qualified for a job? In this article, we shall give you some eye-opener tips, which shall make it easy for you to secure a job in Canada, these will contain important steps you should consider when seeking a job in Canada.

Do You Need a Canada Work Permit?

Do you find this surprising? It may sound surprising, but it should be noted that not all work in Canada needs a work permit. Check here to find out if your profession doesn’t need a work permit.

In case your occupation isn’t on the list, this means you will be needing a work permit to work in Canada. You can obtain your work permit via (IMP) International Mobility Program or Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

However, as of the moment you can no longer obtain a work permit via International Mobility Program (IMP), this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to work in Canada, but you can only under an employer who has (LMIA) labor market impact assessment.

You can still secure a work permit under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, in this case, your employer won’t be needing LMIA to employ you.

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In addition to this, there are open work permit which you can obtain like

Postgraduate work permit, and working visa permit.

Update Your CV

It’s time to get to work and dust off those writing skills. Average people are quite guilty of not updating their CV and this can be a real issue.

While updating your CV, endeavor to seek out employees that can give you a good reference.

If you are making use of an online CV like the one on LinkedIn, it gives the option for employees to make recommendations about you, so before starting your job hunt, endeavor to have all the positive information listed on your CV.

Chose The Company You Want To Work For

When it comes to seeking jobs, almost everyone is guilty of applying to almost every job opportunity they see online with the same letter cover. This is not a good idea.

When applying for jobs, to showcase professionalism, you are to write unique cover letters that highlight the details of the job posted by the company.

If you have some additional skills, kindly list them out, your work experience shouldn’t be an exemption in your application details. This will make your application unique and stands out. Make your application as simple as possible, do not boast!

Don’t Apply To Every Job Posting

Don’t be in a hurry to apply for every job posting you find online. Chances are that these companies communicate with each other, and once they find out that you copy-pasted the same application letter, your application will immediately be nullified.

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Follow Up On Your Application

Do not just sit and relax after applying for a job and watch a miracle happen. Has it been up to a month of the week you applied for that job? Why not send a reminder to the company. This will show your seriousness and proactiveness about the job. In addition to that, it will make your application easily noticeable from that of others.

Furthermore, when it comes to interviewing, a little bit of politeness can go a long way. When you are being invited for an interview, endeavor you reply with at least “thank you”.

If lucky enough, one of the company workers comes to your aid and assists you with your application, give a phone call for appreciation. Who knows? That may be the deciding factor for you to get your dream job in Canada.

Make Sure Your Qualifications Are Accredited.

You are to endeavor your qualifications are accredited, most of the professions in Canada, like nursing, pharmacy, medicine, etc are regulated to protect the lives of people in Canada.

You can get your qualifications accredited via a body called Educational Credential Assessment in Canada ECA, which is a must for everyone who wishes to work in Canada.

Do All Jobs In Canada Needs ECA

No! Not all jobs in Canada need an ECA. The jobs that are in this category include:

  • Social workers
  • Medical professionals;
  • Teachers;
  • Physiotherapists

In most cases, these occupations will have to go through the regulatory body or take additional exams, which can be time-consuming or energy draining. Make sure you optimize this into your immigration time plan.

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Now you have it. There is no time to begin your application than now. Make use of this secret, to secure your dream job in Canada. If you would like to ask some questions, kindly drop them in the comment box, we will be glad to be of help to you.

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