Canada Student Visa Application



Canada Student Visa Application

You can decide to go to Canada for education purposes. However, before you will be allowed to travel to Canada, you must have been given a study permit, this is what will enable you to go to school in Canada.

Furthermore, before embarking on the process of applying for a study visa, you must have gotten:

  • An acceptance letter, from a designated institution in the country
  • Travel documents or a valid passport
  • You must be able to prove that you have the financial resources to support yourself throughout your stay in Canada, and any family members that come along with you.
  • If you are holding a Venezuelan passport, you will have to complete some extra steps here, before proceeding

Facts: Biometric fingerprints are no longer needed for all those intending to migrate to Canada for one purpose or the other, due to Covid-19.

How To Apply for Canada Student Visa

Generally, you should understand it’s a must that you obtained a study permit before traveling to Canada. Some do apply for study permits within Canada, while you can also apply for a study permit at the Port of entry, you should check out which option is convenient for you.

How Applying for Online Helps

Applying Online comes with some advantages, and is the best we can recommend if you want to apply for a study permit in Canada due to the following reasons.

  • You won’t be charged a courier fee, and your application will get received instantly.
  • Your application gets processed faster than other forms of application
  • The online software makes your application get complete before you will be allowed to submit it.
  • In case of being asked to provide more documents, you can easily and quickly do so.
  • When new updates are being released, you get them directly on your online account.
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How Do I Apply For Study Permit From Outside Canada

If you are desirous to apply for a study permit in Canada, and you do not live in Canada, let’s walk you through the process of how you can get this done faster.

The first and recommended process to apply for a study permit from outside Canada is via an online process.

Furthermore, if you are from either Morocco, china, the philippines, Senegal, Indian, or Vietnam, the fastest prices to get a study permit is by applying via student direct stream

Step1: You need To Have The Following

  • A scanner or camera, to create electronic copies of your documents.
  • You must have a valid debit or credit card.

STEP2: Read The Instructions Guide

It’s highly recommended that before you start your online process, you read the instructions guide before you begin your application process.

Prepare Your Answer For The Online Tool

Before you begin to upload the required forms, it’s a must to answer some questions, this will be used to create a profile about you.

In addition to this, make sure your answers are accurate, state the exact date, your study will commence and at the time you are likely to finish.

Know The Fees You Have To Pay

You will be asked to pay your fee at the end of your application. This fee could include biometric, and application fee.

Third-Party FeeĀ 

Considering the situation you are in, you may have to pay for the following third-party fees.

  • Medical fee
  • Visa fee
  • Language testings
  • Police certificate
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However, bear in mind that you won’t be asked to pay for these fees in your online account, you will only be asked to pay for such directly to the third party account.

Biometric fee

Generally, to avoid delays, you will be asked to pay for your biometric at the time of submitting your application. This fee will cover the cost of digital photos and the collection of fingerprints.

Create Your Online Account Or Sign In

You will need an online account before you will be allowed to apply for a study permit, the online account will enable you to:

  • Submit your application
  • Pay fees
  • Check Your Status

Create An Account

How To Apply For A Student Visa At Port Of Entry.

In some situations where time or situation does not warrant you to apply for a study permit online, you can as well, apply at the Port of entry.

However, the following are conditions attached, before you will be allowed to apply for a study permit at the Port of entry.

  • You a US resident
  • You are a resident of Greenland

However, before coming to Canada, make sure you have all the documents needed, you have taken a medical exam, and endeavor you come along with all the documents needed to get a study permit.

If you are recognized as a lawful resident of America, kindly get an Electronic travel authorization, at your airport before flying to Canada.

On your arrival to Canada, explain to the officials that you want to get a study permit, the official will check for the following.

  • Your travel documents and passport
  • Proof that you meet the requirements to study in Canada
  • Check your medical result
  • Police result
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If the officer confirms that you have all the requirements to study in Canada, the officer will issue you a study permit, if otherwise you will be denied a study permit in Canada. In an instance of being denied a study permit, you can still enter Canada as a visitor

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