Different Canada Immigration Pathways



Different Canada Immigration Pathways.

It will be surprising for you to know that Canada records over 250,000 immigrants trooping into the country each year.

The starting point for all those who want to immigrate to Canada is applying for a residential visa. There are four main categories of Canadian immigration pathways. And each of these pathways has its criteria and requirements before you can be accepted into the country.

We shall be taking our time to expatriate on these four pathways that can land you in Canada. The four categories include.

  • Economic immigrants
  • Family class members
  • Humanitarian and compassionate
  • Refugee class

Family Class

This is for those who have relatives in Canada. If you are a Canadian citizen, you can sponsor your spouse, children, closely related family members including the adopted child, to come living with you in Canada.

Economic Immigrants

These include skilled workers, either having Canadian experience or qualified under one of the business categories in the country. Those in health and engineering lines, usually do have high chances of getting a visa to Canada.

  • Skilled Worker Class

There is a program in Canada called the skilled workers class, which enables people who have special skills, either occupation, vocational, or educational skills, who are ready to contribute to the development of the Canadian economy to obtain a visa.

  • Canadian Experience Class.

This program is for those who are already living in Canada but haven’t obtained a permanent resident visa.

If you have adjusted to the Canadian lifestyle, and have become acquainted with it, you can apply for a permanent visa, provided you can now speak fluent English or french.

  • Business Class
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This is for those who are financially buoyant enough to start a legal business in Canada. If you prove you have the financial funds to start a business, you will be given a permanent visa, provided you meet other requirements attached to this.

Humanitarian And Compassionate

This type of Visa pathway is for those who are not eligible to obtain a permanent stay in Canada. They may be able to travel to Canada, but won’t be able to stay long.

The reasons for this include

  • The best interest of children
  • Family ties
  • Settlement in Canada
  • Consequences attached to not granting the visa.

Refugee Class.

This comprises people who are desirous of protection or are afraid to return to their home country, due to war or farming. Canadian citizen or government can sponsor this set of people to live in Canada as a refugee, provided they meet up with the ts.

Who Cannot Immigrate To Canada?

Don’t be surprised that there are some set of people who are inadmissible in Canada. This set of people can’t be allowed to travel to Canada no matter how much they try. The reasons for this include.

  • Misrepresentation
  • Security reasons
  • Financial funds
  • Health status
  • International and human right violation
  • Or having a family member that is not admissible in Canada.


You can apply for a Canada Visa either in person to the Canadian embassy in your home country or by mail. You can discover foreign consulates in your home country by clicking here

Bear in mind that if you are having a past or present criminal record, it will delay or prevent your chances of being able to  travel to Canada, to clear your criminal record, kindly go to

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