Highest Paid Jobs In Canada



Highest Paid Jobs In Canada

Canada is a country that has several job opportunities. Over the years, Canada has here recorded a very high number of immigrants trooping into the country for work purposes.

There is a wide range of opportunities available in Canada, such as It, health practitioners, health care workers, engineers, skilled workers, security workers, etc. Among this wide range of job opportunities in Canada, we shall be concentrating on the highest paying jobs in Canada.

Furthermore, a job’s pay shouldn’t be your criteria to determine the type of job you will apply for. Your passion and environment should be the major criteria, you should consider before applying for a job.

The below are the highest paying jobs in Canada.

Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners are healthcare professionals and are lifesavers. They work hand in hand with the doctors.

The Nursing profession is not what any person can just do, it’s meant for those who have the right knowledge and have acquired adequate knowledge about the job. Nurse practitioners are highly valued in Canada, and they are one of the highest paying sets of people in Canada.

A nurse practitioner earns a staggering amount of $104,000 monthly.

Utilize Managers

These are those who are service workers. Those who repair mechanical and electrical work. They work hand in hand with the private sector, and they earn a staggering amount of $114,000 monthly.


Canada has a record shortage of doctors. Doctors are those who treat people, they carry out operation and diagnosis. When a health issue is beyond what a nurse can handle, it’s a nurse that will come in to help.

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Doctors are high priorities in the country, and they earn a staggering amount of $150,000 monthly.


Dentists are medical professionals that take care of the teeth. Teeth are an important part of the body, a minute of a severe toothache can disrupt the whole activity of the body system.

Dentists in Canada earn $93,000 monthly.

Mining Supervisor

Mining involves the extraction of mineral resources. As a mining Supervisor, you will oversee the whole process and ensure the safety of other workers. A mining Supervisor in Canada earns $82,000 monthly.


The work of an engineer is always in high demand in every part of the world. Engineers build, repair, and construct. Engineers are known as smart and intelligent people, as they can always come up with inventions of new things.

An engineer in Canada earns $103,000 monthly.


Statisticians are those who perform the data calculation. They do analysis and they work within the insurance company.

Statisticians are highly paid in Canada, as they earn a staggering amount of $82,000 monthly.

Construction Manager

The last on this list is a construction manager, as the name implies, they oversee the whole construction project. In most cases, before you can work as a construction manager, you will need a relevant degree, either in technology or engineering.

A construction manager earns $83,000 monthly.

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