Migrate To Germany: Germany Visa Application



Migrate To Germany: Germany Visa Application

Germany has proven to be the fifth most favorable and desirable country, people always want to settle. Germany was able to achieve this via their exceptional education standard, high economic lifestyle, backed up with diverse and numerous employment opportunities.

Before you embark on the process of immigrating to Germany, you need to have a valid reason for such. Germany, welcomes people from all nationalities into the country, provided they are coming with a purpose. There are several steps by which one can Immigrate to Canada, which shall be explained below.

  • Germany immigration for education
  • Germany immigration residence permits
  • Germany immigration for employment
  • Germany immigration for family reunions
  • Germany immigration for entrepreneurs

General Requirements For Immigration To Germany.

Even though, there are many ways by which one can immigrate to Germany. There are still similarities between the Requirements, which are termed as general requirements for Immigration to Germany. You must prove the following if you want to immigrate to Germany.

Prove Financial Stability

Each visa type to Germany has its minimum threshold which you must fulfill. Regardless of the fact that you are coming to Germany, for whatsoever purpose, be it work or education. You must prove financial stability to sustain yourself in Germany.

Get Health Insurance Cover

You won’t be granted a German visa if you do not get health insurance coverage. To get a recommended way about how to get German health insurance cover in your home country. Kindly make use of this guide

Have At Least Basic Proficiency In the German Language

You won’t be able to live in Germany, without being able to understand the German language. Before you will be allowed to immigrate to Germany, you will have to attend a German language class, and pass the exam. Before you can be given a permanent resident visa, you will need a higher Proficiency in the German language.

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Get A German Visa

You should know you won’t be able to travel to Germany, without having a visa. All citizens, from any of these countries, will need to apply for a visa, before having permission to travel to Germany. Here are different available visas, to travel to Germany.

  • Business VISA
  • Training/Internship VISA
  • Visas to Study in Germany
  • Tourist / Visitor VISA
  • Job Seeker VISA
  • Guest scientist VISA
  • Working (Employment) VISA

German Immigration For Employers

Germany reduced stringent requirements on skilled and highly professional workers (Medical professionals, engineers, It workers, computer experts, etc), due to their scarcity in Germany.

For this purpose, one of the easiest ways to migrate to Germany is by first finding a job in the country. A stepwise process on how to get a job in German is below.

  • Make a research about jobs in Germany that are recruiting foreign nationals.
  • Germany working visa type should be the visa type you must process.
  • The following documents will be required to process your visa.

In addition to this, before you can be granted a work permit, you must be able to prove the following.

  • There is a shortage of employees from the European Union or Germany, so you have to be hired instead.
  • That you are entitled to the same benefits, every other worker in the company is entitled to.
  • You have the right educational qualification, for the job, you are being hired for.

Having a German work permit gives you the right and privilege to work in Germany. You can work for as long as your work permit allows you to. However, if your work permit expires, and you wish to continue your stay in Germany, you can apply for permanent residence.

If you don’t have any skills in any profession, it’s going to be quite difficult for you to Immigrate to Germany, if you are immigrating for work purposes.

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Germany Immigration For Education

You may not be aware of this, but Germany offers free education. To study in Germany is at no cost to you.

Unlike the United States of America, Canada, the UK, etc. That charges a high fee for the cost of education, the reverse is the case for Germany. You can as well obtain a degree at German University at no cost or little fee.

Getting a German student visa is quite easy, and you can remain in Germany after your study to seek a job or return to your home country. You can find the requirements to obtain a German student visa here

Germany Immigration For Entrepreneurs

If you have enough financial capacity to invest in Germany then you are in luck. Germany allows business owners and investors to come into the country, with fewer requirements attached to the visa process.

However, as at the time of making this article, the minimum threshold you must have to obtain this type of visa is 250,000 euros. This type of visa is under the working class visa.

Before you will be given this type of visa, you must meet these few requirements.

  • You have the financial funds, to start an investment.
  • Your investment be beneficial to Germany’s economy
  • Your type of investment is needed in the country.

Immigrating to Germany as an entrepreneur will endow you with additional benefits to permanent residents after three years of your stay in the country. This implies you can come into the country and leave anytime you like.

Germany Immigration For Family Reunion

Situations do warrant that some families who were once living in Canada, have to separate and either of the spouse or children have to return to their home country.

Children under the age of 16 and spouses who will like to join their spouses, can return to Germany. To be eligible for this type of visa, there must be proof that the couple is legally married and the children belong to them.

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In addition to this, children below the age of 16, do not need to take German language classes, as they can adapt to the language with time.

German Residence Permits

Once you immigrate to Germany, you will be given a residence permit. German Residence Permits are of two types. It can either be a permanent residence permit, or a temporary residence permit. A temporary permit will only permit you to stay in Germany for a limited time and return to your home country. While a permanent one permits you to stay in the country for as long as you want.

Permanent Residence, doesn’t make you a German citizen, to become a citizen is an entire process on its own.

European Union (EU) Blue Card

This type of card is for those who are not citizens of European countries but are highly skilled or have high professions.

This implies that you must have an undergraduate or graduate degree in a qualified field, to be eligible for this type of visa. Before applying for this type of visa, you must have found a job in Germany and must show sufficient German proficiency. You must as well meet a minimum threshold of 50, 000 euros.

This type of visa will permit you to work in Germany for a maximum of 4 years, you can decide to apply for permanent residence when this visa expires.

Settlement Permit or Permanent Residence Permit

Permanent residence is referred to as a settlement Permit in Germany. You have the right to apply for a settlement permit, if you have stayed in Germany for up to five years with a European blue card, or standard residence permit, provided you meet with German language proficiency requirements.

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