Canada Express Entry Visa: Immigration To Canada Through Express Entry



Immigration To Canada Through Express Entry.

If you would like to settle permanently in Canada we would like to bring to your notice that the application process has begun. This is a piece of good news for all skilled immigrants who will like to take part in Canada’s economy.

Canada Express Entry Services And Information

First and foremost, you need to understand how to express entry works.

STEP1: Check, if you are eligible.

Express entry is an online system, which is being made use to check applications and eligibility for all those seeking permanent residence in Canada.

Furthermore, there are two ways to check if you are eligible for a program under express entry.

  • The number one method is by reading the detailed requirements for each program


  • And the second method is by answering a few questions to find out if you meet the minimum requirements for each program.


STEP2: Prepare Your Documents.

Some documents will be needed to show you are eligible for this program, these documents aren’t easy to get, the earlier you start the preparation for this document the better. Such documents include.

  • Medical results
  • Police result
  • Marriage certificate
  • There may also be the need for you to complete some extra steps or create a profile
  • Proof of funds
  • Birth certificate
  • Digital photo to confirm your identity
  • Proof of relationship with a relative in Canada.
  • Get Your Documents
  • Submit a profile


STEP3: Submit Your Profile

Your profile will contain all the details about you, it will determine whether you are eligible or not.

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You will surely be ranked among the qualified candidates for the program if you meet up with all the requirements.

Furthermore, your eligibility will be ranked on a point-based system. However, your profile details will be a determinant for your score.

Step4: Receive an Invitation and apply for permanent residence.

Qualified and most complete applications will be treated and rank eligible for the program.

Once you update your profile with all the supporting documents and you are found eligible for the program, you will be sent an invitation letter, and you will be required to apply for permanent residence.

In addition to this, after being sent an invitation letter, you will only have six months to prepare your permanent residence application.


Canada is known to be a destination where several opportunities lie and a great job market. Coming to Canada as skilled immigrants will make you and your family liable to a lot of opportunities from high quality of life

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