USA Student Visa Application



USA Student Visa Application

You can’t travel to the US for education purposes, without having a US study visa.

The following documents should be acquired before applying for your visa.

  • Passport: You must have a valid passport, which can permit you to travel to the US.
  • Application fee receipt.
  • You must upload a clear photo of yourself, if the photo upload fails you must submit a printed photo of yours.
  • Non-immigrant visa application
  • An invitation by a school in the US, bear in mind that your school will send you to form I-20, which you must present.

The following additional may likely be required

You will get a consular officer, who will interview the following documents to see if you are eligible, for a study permit.

  • Your academic qualifications include.
    • Degrees, transcripts, diplomas, or certificates from the school you attended.
  • You must provide a standardized test score by your school of choice in the US.
  • Your main reasons for immigrating to the US, and how you plan to finance your study in the US.

Before applying for a visa, kindly read the instructions attached to getting a visa in the US, on the US embassy website

Attend Your Visa Interview

At the point of your interview, you will get a consular officer, who will interview you, check your available documents, to see if you are eligible for a US student Visa.

Digital scanners (ink-free) will be a part of your application process, they will be taken during your interview.

After your interview, the officer will make it known to you, if your application will require further administrative review or not.

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After your interview, and you are given a visa, you may need to pay a visa fee, this will be conformed to you by the officer.

How To Apply

There are different ways to apply for a US student visa, however, the easiest way to apply is by applying online, kindly complete an online visa application here

Apply for a visa here

Also, bear in mind that you will have to pay a non-refundable fee of $160 for your USA Student visa application.


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