Migrate To USA As A Skilled Worker



Migrate To USA As A Skilled Worker

Many foreign countries place a high priority on skilled workers. And one of the easiest ways to migrate to the USA is as a skilled worker.

There are two ways to obtain a permanent resident in the US, one is via, employment-based Visa, and the other is via a family-based Visa.

To apply for an employment-based visa, there are few requirements you must meet up to such as.

  • Proof of being offered a job by an employer in the US.
  • You have the right requirements for the job you were being offered

Note, the type of your occupation, and how long you will stay in the US, will determine the type of work visa you will be eligible for.

There are five categories of visa, for those that want to migrate to the US as a skilled worker.

  • EB-1: These are for those with exceptional results, or for those that are professional in the science field.
  • EB-2: For those with a minimum of master’s degree, in either medicine, teaching, science, etc.
  • EB-3: This is for those who have had a minimum of two years of experience, in their chosen field.
  • EB-4: This is for those who do not have any skill, in any profession, but are ready to work in the US, such as religious workers.
  • EB-5: This is for investors that are ready to invest up to $900,000 in the country.

Choose any of the visa types that best fit your purpose of immigrating to the US, as a skilled worker, and apply for it.

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Most of the skilled worker visa type has their requirements and eligibility criteria, based on the level of education, nationalities, etc

Skilled Workers

  • You must be able to demonstrate that you have adequate knowledge in your profession, and you have spent at least two years practicing.
  • You are employed for work, by which there are a shortage of US citizen employees and
  • You must be offered a permanent full-time job, and you have obtained a labor certification.


You must have proof, that you have obtained a US bachelor’s degree, related to your previous education field, you must as well be offered a full-time job, and you have obtained a labor certification.

How to File/Apply

To be able to immigrate to the US as a skilled worker, the process involved is as follows.

  • Kindly read these instructions
  • You must first obtain a labor certification
  • You are to download and fill, then resubmit the form I-40
  • You will be required to pay The filing fee before you can proceed
  • Upload all required documents, and give all necessary information about you.

Your employer must also confirm that he has the financial capacity to pay salaries and wages before your visa will be approved.

After You File

Once you file, and you submit an application for a visa to migrate to the USA as a skilled worker, your application will be processed and you will receive the following.

  • A confirmation letter that your application has been received
  • A request for your biometric, if need be.
  • An appointment for an interview, in a US embassy in your home country.
  • A decision letter, as to whether your request was approved or canceled.
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