USA Visa Lottery – American Green Card visa Lottery Application



USA Visa Lottery – American Green Card visa Lottery Application

Applying for the US Visa Lottery is quite easy if you select the right one.

The US is a dream country for many due to its advancement both in the medical field and technology.

Many wish to get an opportunity to travel to the US for different reasons, some are traveling for education purposes, some work, while some are traveling for recreation and relaxation purposes only.

There are different means to get an opportunity to travel to us, which include, marriage, filing, Scholarship, job opportunities, and the visa lottery. The one we shall be talking about in this article is VISA Lottery, which will cost you little or nothing to travel to the US.

We’ve taken our time to break the processes into simpler terms, kindly endeavor you follow all the processes listed below.

The green card lottery also known as Diversity Immigrant Visa program is a program organized by the United State government to give opportunities to residents from other countries, who will love to stay in America.

To apply for this visa lottery program, you need to submit your application electronically at

Please note that there is no fee attached. It’s free to apply for this program. However, it’s always advised to apply early because there is always heavy traffic on the site during the closure of the application, which can lead to delayed response.

However, do not try to attempt multiple applications. Apply only once! It should be noted that late and paper entries won’t be processed.

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The department of the US government in charge of visa Lottery makes use of modern sophisticated technology to check out for multiple entries, and once such is detected, it will automatically disqualify such a person.

After submitting your entry, you will be able to check if you are among the successful candidates on provided, you submit all the necessary details.

You will be able to check for your application status on using your details and unique confirmation details.

The only acceptable way to check for your entry status is using your unique confirmation details, Incase of being missing, there is a tool you can make use of, to recover these details, which is on the E-DV website.

Furthermore, if you get selected for this program, you will be automatically redirected from the entry website to another website where you will be provided with further instructions on what to do next. It will also contain fees attached to immigration to the United States.

Once you are selected for the visa Lottery, you are advised to complete the DS-VISA application as soon as you can.

Furthermore, you can as well watch a video for a stepwise process, on how to apply for a visa lottery.

However, bear in mind that winning the DV lottery does not necessitate that you’ve won a green card or an immigrant visa. You will still have to meet up with the requirements for the US immigrants and DV lottery.

Applying online for the DV lottery is free, and your country must be among the eligible country listed by the US state department.

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