Australian Student Visa Application



Australian Student Visa.

Students from all nationalities are all welcomed to study in Australia, however, before you can be allowed to study in Australia, you must have a student visa.

Getting a student visa in Australia will require you to prove to the department of home affairs that you meet the following criteria

  • Finance Requirements
  • Character and health requirements
  • English language proficiency requirements
  • Genuine temporary entrant requirements.

In addition to this, you will also have to pay for a visa application fee, complete an online visa application form, and times, attend an interview. Looks like a lot, remember? Here is the breakdown of all the processes involved in getting an Australian student visa.

What Is A Genuine Temporary Entrant

This program was introduced in the year 2011, this program was developed and maintained the aim, that a candidate applying for a student visa, is coming for education purposes or accompanying a student (spouse, parent, guardian) only. And must also be able to demonstrate that he or she has the financial power to finance his/her education throughout the stay in Australia.

The board of the department of home affairs in Australia will make use of the following factors to judge the eligibility of a candidate.

  • How your chosen course will contribute to your future.
  • Circumstances of your country.
  • Your Immigration history
  • Potential circumstances for you in Australia.

To determine your eligibility for an Australian student visa, some GTEs will ask you to visit the nearest Australian embassy near you, for an interview.

Complete An Australian Student Application Form

Every candidate who desires to get an Australian student visa has to pay for a student application form online.

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However, before applying for a student visa, endeavor you’ve gotten a confirmation letter for your chosen course in Australia and also a confirmation of enrollment (COE). The course must be registered under commonwealth registers for institution.

Furthermore, the COE will be informed of a code, the code will be requested while filling your online application visa, in addition to this, you will also have to pay a deposit of your tuition fees.

Australian Visa Requirements.

Before you will be given an Australian student visa, you will need to meet up the following requirements.

  • Financial Requirements: Before you can be issued an Australian student visa, you must be able to prove that you have enough financial funds for your cost of education and living in Australia
  • English Language Proficiency Requirements: You must be able to prove that you can speak fluent English and understand English. You will prove this by taking some exams, the exam will be set for you before your interview, which will be part of the determinant of whether you qualify for a student visa or not.
  • Health Requirements: You will be asked to take some exams, which will determine whether you qualify or not. To do this, you will have to book an appointment with a doctor at an Australian embassy.

An exception to students from Norway or Belgium, all students applying for a student visa in Australia must purchase Overseas Student Health Cover. This cover can be purchased via your chosen University or one of the approved 5 Australian providers

  • Medibank private
  • Australian health management
  • Bupa Australian
  • Allianz global health assistance
  • Nib OSHC.
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The cost of purchasing this cover varies based on the provider you are purchasing from.

Australian Visa Documents Requirements

The following documents are needed to get an Australian Visa.

  • You must have completed an Australian Visa application.
  • Receipt of your visa application form.
  • Copy of your passport
  • Evidence of sufficient funds.
  • Letter of offer or certificates of enrollment
  • English proficiency result
  • Health insurance cover
  • Police result.

You are to get all these documents, you are to scan and upload them on an online Immiaccount application system.

Furthermore, please note that visa application takes up to four months to get processed.

Using Your Student Visa

Once you’ve been approved for an Australian student visa, you will be allowed to enter Australia 90 days before the commencement of your study.

While studying in Australia, you are also eligible to do part-time work.

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